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Whether you chipped your tooth have pain or swelling. We're here for you. It is critical to know when you should go to the ER immediately.

Emergencies - Katy Mills Dental

Gingival Grafting

A procedure that adds gum tissue to an area with gum recession commonly caused by aggressive brushing, smoking and genetics.

Gingival Grafting - Katy Mills Dental

Root Canal Retreatment

A root canal-treated tooth can have new problems after the first root canal. Retreatment may help save your tooth.

Root Canal Retreatment - Katy Mills Dental

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are used to remove teeth that are critically damaged or that haven’t responded well to other dental procedures.

Tooth Extractions - Katy Mills Dental

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal refers to a surgical procedure used to remove your last set of molars.

Wisdom Teeth Removal - Katy Mills Dental

How Katy Mills Dental can help. 

We bring you and your family the most advanced and affordable dental treatment options available today.

We look forward to caring for you.

"At Katy Mills Dental, we are elevating dentistry by providing treatments you trust, a team who understands your needs, and an environment that welcomes you. We want you to feel amazing about your oral health every time you smile."

Dr. Pavneet Singh Tak - Best Dentist Near Katy Texas - Katy Mills Dental

Dr. Pavneet Singh Tak

Dentist @KatyMillsDental

Oral Surgery at Katy Mills Dental.

When you’re experiencing long-term pain and discomfort or have a chronic issue that’s impacting your mouth or jaw, oral surgery is an effective option to address your health woes. Here’s what you need to know about oral surgery in Katy, Texas.

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure that’s completed in or around your mouth. Some examples of oral surgery include: Removing wisdom teeth, Extracting a decayed tooth, Repositioning the jaw, Removing a tumor around the mouth or jaw, Correcting jaw-joint issues, Placing dental implants, Root canal procedures, and Gum grafts.

We may recommend oral surgery in Katy, Texas when you’re facing a severe oral health issue or when other less invasive treatments have been unsuccessful at improving your condition.

Have more questions about oral surgery in Katy, Texas? Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Our Services

Oral Surgery

Safe and painless removal of impacted wisdom teeth and other tooth extractions.

Best Oral Surgeon - Katy Mills Dental
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