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Best Dentist Near Katy Texas - Katy Mills Dental
Best Family Dentist - Katy Mills Dental

Family Dentistry

A way to prevent dental issues, maintain your oral hygiene, and improve your overall health.

Best Restorative Dentist - Katy Mills Dental

Restorative Dentistry

A way to repair, restore, and replace any missing teeth to their natural shape and feel.

Best Cosmetic Dentist - Katy Mills Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry

A way to transform the look and shape of your smile. Boost your confidence and oral health.

Best Implant Dentist - Katy Mills Dental

Implant Dentistry

An effective and safe way to replace missing teeth with natural looking dental implants.

Best Orthodontist - Katy Mills Dental


Straighten your teeth with dental braces or Invisalign clear aligners. We make orthodontic care convenient.

Best Endodontist - Katy Mills Dental


Root canal procedures can save your teeth and eliminate existing tooth pain.

Best Oral Surgeon - Katy Mills Dental

Oral Surgery

Safe and painless removal of impacted wisdom teeth and other tooth extractions.

Full service dentistry for kids, teens, and adults.

We bring you and your family the most advanced and affordable dental treatment options available today.


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