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Whether you chipped your tooth have pain or swelling. We're here for you. It is critical to know when you should go to the ER immediately.

Emergencies - Katy Mills Dental

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure performed to treat an infected tooth.

Root Canal - Katy Mills Dental

Root Canal Retreatment

A root canal-treated tooth can have new problems after the first root canal. Retreatment may help save your tooth.

Root Canal Retreatment - Katy Mills Dental

How Katy Mills Dental can help. 

We bring you and your family the most advanced and affordable dental treatment options available today.

We look forward to caring for you.

"At Katy Mills Dental, we are elevating dentistry by providing treatments you trust, a team who understands your needs, and an environment that welcomes you. We want you to feel amazing about your oral health every time you smile."

Dr. Pavneet Singh Tak - Best Dentist Near Katy Texas - Katy Mills Dental

Dr. Pavneet Singh Tak

Dentist @KatyMillsDental

Endodontics at Katy Mills Dental.

Katy Mills Dental provide comprehensive and affordable endodontic care for patients of all ages. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries to the dental pulp and other tissues surrounding the root of a tooth. Our Katy Mills Dental endodontists are experts in performing endodontic procedures, with the most common procedure being root canal therapy. Endodontists are able to provide both conservative and surgical treatments to preserve the viability of teeth, even when the pulp is non-vital.

Endodontic treatment is often necessary when a tooth has been badly damaged by decay or infection, or when it has suffered a traumatic injury. When endodontic treatment is not possible, endodontists at Katy Mills Dental in Katy, Texas can provide other dental treatments to maintain the health of the tooth.

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Root canal procedures can save your teeth and eliminate existing tooth pain.

Best Endodontist - Katy Mills Dental
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